How to Blog About an Upcoming Event

ID-100156851Blogging about upcoming events need not be complex. Don’t be among those bloggers who sit at their desks blank, not having the faintest idea where to start. Starting a blog about an event can be doable. Here below are some ideas about writing a killer blog spot on that upcoming event.

1. Clue in your readers about the last event similar to the one that is coming up. Pictures speak volumes, and you can share those of the last event, especially the special moments. Sharing such pictures may spike interest in someone who may attend the upcoming event for its special moments. The pictures may give someone a reason to participate as they see what they don’t want to miss.

2. You can blog about attendees. These are interested parties such as vendors, other partners, and speakers.Such can be a major blog post because knowing who will be attending can draw attendees with interest in such guests. Boost such a post with a video recording. Someone like a speaker can be recorded giving a bit of what they will offer. Also, include pictures of preparations that are afoot for the event. Such photos can be as simple as a photo of the video team setting up everything. This kind of post goes a long way in building interest in the event.

3. Blog about the event itself. Write about the theme of the event if it does have one. Share about what prospective attendees can do to get a free ticket. If you do not have such an arrangement, create one. You can do a raffle with gifts to be claimed at the event and write about it. You can also share about tickets sold or spots taken, and how many are still available. Such details about the event are of interest to potential attendees.

4. Give attendees a reason to come to the event. Even though this point is last, it may be quite important. There will be many competing activities on the day and time of your event in your area. You can blog about why your reader should ignore all other events, and attend yours.

Follow the steps outlined above and blogging about upcoming events may turn out to be very effective. Visit today for more information on event blogging.